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Autograph University – Tips to improve your autograph collection and meet celebrities.

Jeff Bridges and Matt RaymondI first began collecting autographs over 20 years ago—a hobby that grew out of my childhood obsession with sports cards. My earliest autograph-related memory is of my father—who is blind—reaching far into the back of a bedroom closet and pulling out two baseballs. He handed them to me and asked me to read the scrawls on each. The first ball contained several signatures, the most legible across the sweet spot was that of Tony Conigliaro—my father’s childhood hero. The other, old and brown, included a faded inscription: “To Larry, Best wishes, Willie Mays”. It was a gift from Bill Jackowski, a family friend and former Major League umpire.

In 2006, after I was introduced to in-person graphing by a friend, the hobby became something of an addiction. At Autograph University, I share my collected insights and adventures and reveals a side of celebrity we rarely see firsthand.

By trade I work in marketing for a global business information and media company. My wife and I recently welcomed our first child and live in the Boston area. Get in touch with me.

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