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When I started in-person graphing in 2006 I made a lot of mistakes. A LOT of mistakes. I also missed a tremendous amount of autograph opportunities because I didn’t know where to look for celebrities (even though they were all around me). I started Autograph University to share the wisdom I’ve collected over the years—through my own trial and error and from other collectors—in hopes you avoid the missteps I made and get more enjoyment out of this hobby.

Like any education, this is an ongoing journey and I look forward to reading your comments about what has (and hasn’t) worked for you.

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Here are the most popular posts at Autograph University on how to improve your autograph collection and meet celebrities:


The most valuable items in my autograph collection are not kept in any binder or case, but the memories captured in the process of obtaining them. I hope you are both entertained and educated by my stories and I look forward to your comments.

Ludacris and Matt Raymond

Ludacris and Matt Raymond

Here are some of my most popular autograph adventures:




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